Sexual Assault & Sexual Harassment Form

This online form can be used by UniSA students and staff to report an incident of sexual assault or harassment and by someone who has witnessed an incident or is a support person for someone who has experienced sexual assault or sexual harassment. It is important to note that, if you are reporting on behalf of another person, you must have their consent before you do so.

All complaints of sexual assault and sexual harassment are directed to the Executive Director: People, Talent and Culture and/or the Chief Academic Services Officer, depending on whether the incident relates to a student, a staff member, or a visitor on campus.

Please refer to the FAQs for reporting an incident online, for more information about the process for reporting an incident online to UniSA.


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A UniSA Student
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The information on this form will be managed in line with UniSA policy and procedures. Where a report has been made, this may include an investigation of the incident(s); where a disclosure has been made, an investigation of the incident will not be undertaken.

Contact you (the complainant) confidentially and let you know what support and other reporting options are available for you
No futher action
Other (Please provide details)


You do not have to reveal your name in order to make a disclosure. However, if you identify yourself and there is a very serious risk of harm to you or another person and/or the University is required by law to act, your identity may have to be disclosed. This would only happen in exceptional circumstances and the University would try and let you know before that step was taken. If you are providing the personal details of a complainant you must have their permission to disclose their identity and information.

I/The Complainant wishes to remain anonymous
Please contact me by phone
Please e-mail me
Other (provide details)

Please note:
  • If you/the complainant are under the age of 18 and experienced a sexual assault, the University of South Australia is legally obliged to report the matter to the Child Abuse Report Line.
  • If you have requested further action from the University, we will make contact with you either by phone or by e-mail using the contact details provided.
  • If you are making an anonymous report, we are limited in the follow-up action we can take. For example, the university is unlikely to commence a formal investigation based upon an anonymous report.